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Compressor Auxiliaries

Dry Gas Seal Panels

Centrifugal Compressor and Process Gas Screw Compressor have Dry Gas Seals for sealing the process Gas. We completely design the Dry Gas seal Panel in accordance to OEM specification and do the required testing as per API 614 and API 692.


Have tested these Seal Gas panels with Helium upto 210 kg/cm2 g for major OEM's. 100 percent radiography, 100 percent Butt welded design OR 100% using Tubing can be offered.

 Lube Oil System

100 LPM - 1500 LPM Lube Oil Systems are Completely Designed, Manufactured and Tested as per API 614 / API 618 / API 610 for Centrifugal Compressor, Steam Turbine, Reciprocating Compressors & Pumps. 


Manufacturing as per complete OEM designs are also undertaken. 

Steam Sealing Unit

All steam turbines need sealing steam units to provide sealing arrangements for the shaft seals. Sealing steam units completely complying with OEM specifications with Control valves, safety valves and IBR compliant piping is supplied by RS Group.

Gas Metering & Filtration skid

Condensation Pump packages

Compressor Rotor Storage Container

Nitrogen Charged Rotor Storage Containers for long term storage can be offered for Fan rotors, Centrifugal Compressor Rotor and Steam Turbine rotors to all OEM's or End Users. These rotor storage containers have been designed for horizontal transportation and Vertical storage.


These containers are fitted with Pressure Gages, Rupture disc, Humidity indicators,  N2 Bottles if required. Customization for any OEM can be done.

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