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At R.S. GROUP, we play with purpose.
We are using our business as a force for good and building a safer, more sustainable and inclusive company and world for all.

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R.S. Group's commitment to society by organizing vaccines for all the employees and their families and extending the help to the local villages in and around their facility at Hoskote


R.S.Group believes that corporate organisations should think beyond profit and look out for the wellbeing of society. Guided by the vision of its late President. Mr.M.M.Shetty – ‘profit is not just a set of figure but of values’ – because values derives virtues . RSG has over the years worked on a modest CSR agenda. The company tries to fulfil its obligations by providing financial and other support to the economically weaker sections of society in which it operates.



We work closely with our staff, clients, partners, suppliers and contractors to ensure that we work in an environment friendly way, and to understand how to minimize environmental impacts, including working to improve the efficiency of our own facilities.

For many years we have been developing greener solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our world. We combine that creativity with practical, real-world experience to turn these innovative concepts into reality.

Just about everything we do has an environmental aspect. From in-house technology innovation to deliver greener power, working with clients to deliver facilities which are more energy efficient, to projects to meet new environmental regulations, reducing the environmental footprint of our own offices, environmental remediation, and promoting recycling, we are growing our green focus every day. We are a solutions provider that takes environmental stewardship to heart, and strives to lead the way in acting in an environmentally responsible way.


The CSR programme of the company got a formal structure and a governing body when the M.M.Shetty Sports foundation (SSF) was formed in March 2010 as a not-for-profit body registered under companies act. Convinced that Education & Sports is the best enabler for a better life, the Foundation has decided to primarily focus on initiatives in this crucial area.

And encourage employees to participate in various soRSG, as a part of its social obligation, is committed to:Provide quality education to underprivileged children.

RSG also as part of social obligation through the foundation provide and nurturer sportsmen and women of economically weaker section of society who find it difficult to get sports kits and equipment’s for their respective sports.

For senior sports person, umpire’s and retired groundsmen the foundation provides an one time fund for their dedicated service’s.

For senior sports person, umpire’s and retired groundsmen the foundation provides an one time fund for their dedicated service’s.

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Create an environment that respects communities and the natural environment.

In 2012, the RSG management decided to increase its contribution in various other fields and implemented it through its CSR arm, Shetty Sports Foundation.

Says present President , “We would like our company to play a bigger role in community affairs with complete adherence to the tenets of good corporate governance. We at RSG commit to create a better world through business.

MM Shetty Sports Foundation felicitates Nagpur’s top players

 Prasad Shetty, a former Vidarbha cricketer and president of the Shetty Sports Foundation, said he was very happy to be doing his bit for the young and upcoming players of Vidarbha. Apart from helping sportspersons, he said, his foundation has also set up a fund of Rs 5 lakh annually to help the poor and needy get medical treatment.

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