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RS Group has set up at Hoskote a world class fabrication facility fully equipped to fabricate Structure ( CS/LTCS /SS) , Piping

(CS, LTCS, AS, SS, Duplex SS) and assemble equipment packages and integrate them on Modular skids complete with Electrical & Instrumentation and Automation systems as required.

The facility infrastructure is fully equipped to handle light &  heavy packages up to 100 Tonnes  and has exported such skids to Japan , USA and European Customers.

The Fabrication shop is ASME Approved for U Code Stamping of Vessels and exchangers and the Quality Control team fully equipped with latest equipment such as PMI, ferrite testing , boroscopic examination is ready to comply to the most stringent requirements of the Industry.

All the assembled modular skids are subjected to FAT testing as per International Codes such as API 614 , API 682, API 610 requirements.   



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